Air Sahari Link Co. Ltd.

A subsidiary of Saturn Investment.

Scope of Business

  • Fabricate, assembly, Aquision, rent, operate, manage, services, maintain all types of aircrafts & all means of air transport including supply of equipment of spare parts.
  • Operate & manage couriers services & express mail.
  • Own, acquire, operate, manage, hotels, restaurants, cafes, entrainment, travel agencies, tours operators & supply of products of equipment for all passengers.
  • Operate in aircrafts assembly, maintenance & spare parts.
  • Provide mechanical & engineering training services together with related advertising & promotion activities.
  • Apply & contract for construction of airport including management of aircrafts ground operation.
  • Build & operate inside airports cold storage for vegetables , meat flowers & other agricultural products.
  • Build & operate tourist village & tourism business in all areas.


  • GSA & Representative of Regional Air – East Africa BA Franchise 2001/2005.
  • Air crafts leasing Services.
  • Cargo charter services.
  • Alliances ALS – Fly 540 – Nairobi, Kenya.