AQUASHIELD Protective Nano Coatings (APNC)

  • Sole distributor in Sudan Territory for Mesbar General Trading LLC (UAE) for AQUASHIELD Nano Technology Protective coatings products.
  • AQUASHIELD technologies develops a wide range of next-generation durable water repellents through the science of super Hydrophobic Nano-Polymer Coating technologies. Many of these formulations & coatings take the form of easy-to-use water proofing sprays, strong enough for any manufacturing processes or professional application but easy enough to use that & are ideal as household product.
  • All AQUASHIELD products are water repellent, Nano coatings, which can turn virtually any surface from wood, concrete, leather & wool into a super hydrophobic surface. benefits from these technologies limitless.
  • AQUASHIELD products:

  • 1. Metal Protect.
    2. Glass protect.
    3. Glass surface Preparation.
    4. Solar Protect.
    5. Concrete & stone protect.
    6. Leather & Textile Protect.
    7. Windscreen Coating - Wet Wipe.
    8. Liquid Crystal Body-Coating lite.
    9. Liquid Crystal Body-Coating-Pro.
    10. Wood Protect.
    11. Platinum Nano wash.
    12. Ultimate Nano Polish.
    13. Tyre Shine.
    14. Ultra Clean.