Company Background

Saturn Investment Ltd is a fast growing multi-faceted private investment company with clear vision & mission operating out of Khartoum City, Sudan. Since incorporation fifteen years ago, Saturn has built an integrated scope of activities with specialized SPVs.

Ard Fdak was created to use the huge natural resources of Sudan & East Africa Region to respond to growing concerns of food security nationally & internationally. It has implemented a unique model of integrated agri-animal production ranging from medium size to large scale.

Saturn Green Energy is the arm leading the way to achieve green economy objectives through providing green clean energy solutions. It supplies the market with the state of art hybrid solar-wind technology, biofuel ethanol and clean cooking stoves & cookers.

AQUASHIELD is the sole distribution agent for Nano technology protective coatings for wide range applications.

Depot IS was Saturn response to address the growing demand in the services sector to provide multiple highly needed services to young population.

In collaboration with strategic partners, Saturn has created a net work of subsidiaries filling in gabs in the market in areas of construction, oil & gas, and aviation.

Saturn is blessed with a high caliber management team with vast experience & expertise in the fields of company business. Saturn expansion projects underway will take the company to new level in the near future.