Saturn Green Energy (SGE)

  • Climate change effects in Sudan are tangible as evidenced from the rapid deterioration in the ecosystems, natural resources & rich biodiversity affecting in a big way food security, sustainable development and livelihood of people.
  • Energy security and independence are the major challenges facing the country as energy is the prerequisite for any development plans. Hydroelectric generation capacity potential in the country is limited to 3K-MW & reliance on fossil fuel generation proved expensive and draining the country limited foreign currency reserves & not helping with the compact of carbon emissions goal set by Paris Accord.
  • SGE is leading the private sector’ response to the highly needed transit to green economy & compacting climate change effects by providing practical solutions of green clean energy.
  • SGE is the sole distributor in Sudan Territory for Saturn International Ltd (UAE) for green clean energy technologies, providing hybrid solar-wind modules scalable for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural & governmental.
  • SGE operates an assembly and installation workshop in Khartoum for the hybrid technology & enables efficient after sales services to clients.
  • SGE in the process of erecting and operating a 50K/Litre/Day ethanol plant at the suburb of Khartoum.
  • SGE would be the first to supply clean cooking stoves fueled by bioethanol to the market.
  • SGE provides consultancy services to clients recommending solutions to adapt to green clean energy and capacity building.