Corporate Structure

Saturn is conducting its scope of business through unique structure of company, Business Names (SPVs) in collaboration with Subsidiaries and support of Business Associates.


  • Global Trading
  • Finance
  • Consultancy Services
  • Custom Clearance & Logistics

Business Names (SPVs)

  • Ard Fadk for Agricultural & Animal Products (AFAAP)
  • Saturn Green Energy (SGE)
  • AQUASHIELD Protective Nano Coatings (APNC)
  • Depot Integrated Services (DIS)


  • Fal Construction Company
  • Core Oil Company
  • EuroDan Oil Exploration Company
  • Air Sahari Link Company

Business Associates

  • Mesbar General trading LLC
  • Saturn International Ltd
  • Mahaseal Agribusiness ltd
  • Bioenergy Connect DMCC